Merric French grew up in a quiet part of Melbourne, Australia, to
a family of artists, designers and creatives, whose family business was in custom furniture manufacturing and design. So in a real sense Merric grew up in environment where it was not only encouraged but expected to interact, design and explore a wide range of materials, mediums and techniques to further the goal of producing the best outcome possible.

Following graduating with honors from Monash University for Industrial design in 2013, Merric did a stint at Ford as a creative designer, working on the final iterations of the Falcon and Territory. Later he started a creative design and manufacturing company called New Project where he was lucky enough to have clients such as Aesop and Sunland Group.

After working in the Australian design industry for a year Merric joined Box Clever; a small design-branding consultancy based in San Francisco. There he had the opportunity to work as the lead designer on a broad range of projects with clients including Google, Samsung, Knoll, Microsoft, along with smaller start up companies like Nebia and Pearl Automotive.

Leading these projects from initial ideation through to inception and finally manufacturing, Merric further honed his ability to balance and navigate the various design considerations with the clients, engineers and manufacturers to produce a well considered and quality outcome.

In addition to this, Merric worked on several internal projects such as the Fade task light and the Veil partition system and subsequently was given the opportunity to conceive of, manage and lead a furniture system-based project named Cinch that worked at reinterpreting the knock down chair.

Merric’s work has won multiple international design awards including those from D&AD, iF, Red Dot and the Good Design Awards and is currently based in San Francisco.